Friday, February 29, 2008

An Introduction to Blogging 101

I figured it was time to get involved in the blogging world. I mean why not? Aren't politicians supposed to be accessible? And what better way then to open up a blog site where people can tell me what they are thinking about current topics, political discussions or community events.

I am no stranger to opinionated debate. I try to respect everyone's opinion as long as it is respectful and I hope people remain the same. I don't have an answer for everything -jeez- sometimes I don't have any answer for anything, but I like to engage people about their opinions on subject matters that interest me.

I hope people feel they can be frank in their discussions on this blog site and at the same time know that I will be too. I often like to say it like it is and I hope those who choose to blog here do too!


Spinks said...

As I've written to you before, this is an excellent idea and while certainly not the be all and end all of communicating with the voters, it's another option so why not use it.

Welcome aboard T.J. Sometimes it can be quite a ride.

T.J. Burke said...

Thank you Spinks. I look forward to the challenge. I can only hope it draws one half as many your bloggers. Either way, it should be an interesting time.

Gypsyblog said...

Hi TJ,

I'm happy you've made the choice to blog. Regardless of how it turns out, any politician who opens himself up like this, directly to people, in such a "risky" way, for no real benefit to yourself other than exactly what you say, you like communicating with people, is A-1 in my book.

By risky, I mean that your blog will likely be scrutinized like a Master's thesis by journalists, other bloggers and opposition types, hoping you fire off something controversial.

You must have had staffers and assistants and so on advising you that this was a bad idea: Too risky, for no payoff...

I love the fact that you're doing it anyway.

T.J. Burke said...

Thank you gypsyblog! I am sure many of my postings will be scrutinized but the 'pay off' to me is accountability to the general public and my constitutents. I think that's the least an MLA can do!