Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Stand By Your Man" as Spitzer says Goodbye

Is saying sorry to your colleagues and constituents enough after being exposed for purchasing prostitution services during the height of the Democratic nomination? Or is the real apology owed to your wife, children and family for the hurt and embarrassment caused for publicly exposing their personal lives? Say what you will, but New York State Governor, Eliot Spitzer, has undoubtedly found himself intertwined in allegations that suggest he patronized a high-priced prostitution ring. $1,000.00 per hour was the alleged cost of these services which were readily available to some of New York's more ---eh hum--- prominent people.

Spitzer will resign his post on Monday as incoming Lt.-Gov. David Patterson prepares to accept the post. He's an interesting guy, first African-American to hold this office and legally blind. It's unfortunate the circumstances which have led to his nomination to this important office is tainted with Spitzer's actions.

Spitzer, a former Attorney General, has been accused of spending close to $80,000 for "call girl" services and will face large criticism within party ranks as the Obama and Clinton race continues. A staunch supporter of the Clinton campaign team, his ostracizing begins immediately. Hmm. Is it just me or is there a trend here developing among high profile Democrats and extra-marital affairs?

Unfortunately, many people have focused their sympathy on the end of this Time Magazine's 2002 Crusader of the Year award winner's career. I say the sympathy should be oriented toward his wife who has stood by his side since the scandals inception. Standing by your man is never an easy thing when politician's have cheating hearts. If you don't believe me you can always ask Hilary.




Dan F said...

"Is it just me or is there a trend here developing among high profile Democrats and extra-marital affairs?"

Didn't know you considered yourself a Democrat, T.J.

Just kidding, seriously though - those without sin, etc. etc.

Word on the street is, he was about to start (more) investigations on the Carlyle group, Silverstein and 911...

The US justice system is a sham, so while I'm not surprised another politician has been exposed a la Larry Craig, I'm surprised so many people give a damn about trivialities while a 21st century holocaust continues in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Best regards,

Gypsyblog said...

There have been a lot of sex scandals emerge in US politics in general lately, wouldn't you say? Not just among Democrats, either... What I wonder is, how come there are no political sex scandals in Canada?

Is this to the credit of our politicians, or the shame of our press?

TJ, do you think any Canadian politicians visit hookers?

T.J. Burke said...

Geez Dan, why is that you feel you gotta bust my chops over every single article I write? You know some people living in the 21st Century still believe in the sanctity of marriage and don't consider an extra marital affair with a prostitute trivial.

T.J. Burke said...

Good comment Gypsy, although I will abstain from the hookers and Canadian politicians question on account of the fact that I can't speak for all of them :)

I think Canadian Press members have developed a sense of ethical journalism a knotch or two above their American counterparts.

NB taxpayer said...

You wonder if this wasn't just a case of one of his former foes on Wall Street, or a few at that, serving up a little payback on him.

Moreover, I'm not endorsing his behaviour, but the fact that he allowed these transactions to show on a financial statement (linking to his account) shows that he either wanted to get caught, or he possesses absolutely no street smarts.

I think the same could be said for Svend Robinson with the ring incident. An incident which pretty much turfed his political career.

RyanW said...

I don't support criminal activity, but I don't care how much action a Bill Clinton or Belinda Stronach gets on the side, I just want them to do a good job. We pay close attention to whom they sleep with, but pay no attention when they sell Airbuses, payoff ad firms, or waste money on crapy new slogans (sorry, low blow I know). I will support any politician who tries to do things better, even if he lives his personal life in a way that doesn't conform to my values. Anyone agree?

Spinks said...

I think Canadian journalists ignore them. Good grief we've had a few extra-marital affairs right here in New Brunswick with our own MLA's over the past several years that have had barely a mention in the local press. (Those were not with prostitutes by the way , or not that I'm aware anyway, nor the guy hosting this blog in case anyone is thinking that. I'm digging myself deepere aren't I).

Sadly as T.J. somewhat alluded to, marriage 'til death do we part has become a societal joke. Too bad. We're all poorer for it.

Spinks said...

Think about it this way ryanw. If a politician can't be trusted to respect his or her wedding vows and keep their promises to their own families, why should we trust them with things that don't mena as much to them? It's a matter of integrity.

T.J. Burke said...

Fair ball Ryan. However, I think pay offs and examples of government corruption get its fair share of media as well.

D Stewart said...

But spinks of course that argument works for most everything. If a politician can't be trusted to...fill in your favorite sin here...then how can you trust them to...fill in your favorite gripe here...I am not suggesting that infidelity is unimportant only that it isn't the only consideration although sometimes a very convenient one to mention.

mikel said...

I would tend to agree with Dan and Ryan. Clinton was hounded for years and finally impeached because of constant media pressure over whether he had oral sex with an intern.

Now they have a President who has committed what would be war crimes if any other country did it yet there is hardly a peep, in fact the media virtually NEVER says that, even though there are numerous states, municipalities and organizations IN the states clamouring for impeachment and most of those 'involved' can't even travel to many european countries because of the fear of charges.

In Canada its a bit different, but remember how much emphasis was put on Belinda Stronach and Peter MacKay-the press ate it up. Meanwhile, its very rare for ANY legislation to get much coverage at all. Try looking at the GNB website's list of legislation and try to find more than a few that got any press at all.

For Spinks point, the 'trust' we put in politicians comes from the legislation and policies they implement, not whether they are getting any on the side.

For one thing, its quite a bit of stock to put into a politician, when most voters have never even met them, or else only met them briefly. The reality is that NO MATTER WHAT, you have no idea whether they are faithful to their vows or not (unless you caught them). So politically its a non issue. What policies they implement at least we can see.

But for the media, I've seen EXTENSIVE talk about what he did, but how many even heard of this guy before this happened? Quick, name the governor of Wyoming!

The Pedgehog said...

I agree that how someone treats something like their wedding vows speaks to their integrity in general, but at the same time we really don't have any idea what's actually going on in someone's personal life. I don't think cheating on his wife was a morally acceptable thing to do, and it wouldn't give me a lot of confidence in him as a representative, but I really don't feel qualified to pass judgement because I don't know the man personally.

On top of that, this guy got caught. How many politicians might there be who are doing equally unethical things that you don't even know about? Which I think is why we need to vote according to their political history and not what we think about their personal history. Because without being personally aquainted with a politician, we don't really have all the facts.

T.J. Burke said...

Mikel. I don't think Clinton was impeached for his conduct with Lewinsky. Just reprimanded. Maybe this helps Spitzer since Clinton's popularity remains high despite his adultery!

mikel said...

He was impeached by the House of Representatives and then 'cleared' by the Senate in a 50-50 tie (removal from office requires two thirds).

Spinks said...

Regardless whether one considers it s big sin or little sin, or totally acceptable DS, it still speaks of someone's integrity. Frankly don't have enough politicians with integrity these days and personally I think it's one of, if not the most important characteristics a politican can have. When that's blown, they've blown trust and for this voter, my vote is gone too.

Dan F said...

"Geez Dan, why is that you feel you gotta bust my chops over every single article I write?"

Here's one reason, T.J.

Whether you know / like it or not, you're in deep with the guys who did this. Had your military service occurred at this time, you'd be over there killing Iraqis too, right?

To cut to the point, many fascists have been trying to pass themselves off as liberal / moderates / 'conservative' lately... Too many to even begin to select individuals, therefore - until the problem is resolved - I feel that just about every government official should be treated as a potential collaborator.

You may have falsely piqued my interest as a NWO / globalist operative, but until your actions prove otherwise, I'll not remain content with rhetoric and word games.

If my political thesis is right, you'll be censoring more people than you can keep a lid on about this as we progress into world tyranny.

Believe me, I'd love to be wrong.

D Stewart said...

As I said spinks it simply comes down to ones man infidelity is another mans stealing...or lying..or the host of other sins both real and imaginary that cause people to decide they can no longer trust someones actions. Personally I can think of worse things to cause me to change my voting decision but I have no reason to suggest you should do the same. I simply couldn't make that same kind of statement out of hand based on that one action alone. I guess thats why I'm me and your you.

mikel said...

"Is it just me or is there a trend here developing among high profile Democrats and extra-marital affairs?"

To put some partisan perspective on this, lets compare with 'high level republicans'. Three republican frontrunners, Gingrich, Guiliani, and McCain ALL are admitted adulterers. So this is hardly partisan.

But to mirror Spinks talk about integrity, the republicans fare FAR worse. After a lengthy affair Guiliani informed his wife of their separation at a press conference; McCain dumped the wife who raised their kids while he was in a Vietnam prison to hook up with a woman who could fund his campaign; and the infamous Gingrich divorced his cancer stricken wife by fax.

There certainly isn't anything here that is politically partisan, it almost sounds as if the statement is leading to the conclusion that 'democrats are more likely to be adulterers'.

NB taxpayer said...

The Sunday Times story is a bit conspiratorial, but it does back up my claim earlier on in this thread above. ha! ha!