Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Weirder By the Moment

After a short stint of the flu, I am back to blogging.

I have to admit the past week or so in the legislature has been stymied over the Leader of the Opposition's stance on Bill 34. While I appreciate a politician's passion for debate and fighting for principles they believe in, the leader of the opposition has taken the debate on Bill 34 to another level. Bill 34 is an Act that essence reduces the number of RHA's from 8 to 2 (see my previous article "trimming the fat in health care").

While many health care professionals agree this is a step in the right direction, the leader of the opposition does not. In fact, he has chosen to "fillybuster" this Bill on second reading rather than allowing the Bill to go to committee of the whole house to examine the content of the bill, make recommendations and suggest amendments. This is day 5 of Mr. Volpe's unlimited speaking time and in my opinion is becoming weirder by the moment. Don't believe me just tune in and listen via web cast or watch it on cable.

So why is this weird? Well, for one its the first Bill up for real debate in the house since we returned on March 7th. We have yet to get any other Bills that must be introduced and debated and I believe their are close to 40 on the agenda. Secondly, it costs taxpayers in the vicinity of $100k per day to run the legislature. We could certainly be moving on to other matters by now. Finally, each department must perform 'estimates' whereby each Minister and staff appear before the house and justify its budget by answering questions from members of the opposition.

Looks like it's going to be another record session.


Charles LeBlanc said...

General Blogger General Sir?

I hope you get better but I must ask ya one question?

How the opposition never bought to the floor the issue of Ashley Smith??

Why don't the media jump on this emotional issue?

Very confusing.

NB taxpayer said...

Filibusters can be a useful strategy for getting a message across. Think Gerald Regan's 1969 Nova Scotia opposition Liberal party when he stood up for 15 straight hours, known as the "tax talkathon", whereby bringing the federal health tax issue to light publicly (Medicare).

It was one of Gerald Regan's greatest political achievements which many believe led him to victory over Ike Smith's ruling PC party (which had been in for a longtime under previous premier Robert Stanfield).

However, in the case of Volpe, I don't see this RHA [Bill 34] as much of an issue. Other then what there making it out to be.

D Stewart said...

Come now Mr. Burke, Methinks thou doest protest too much... There hasn't been an opposition party yet that hasn't used these tactics to take a stand against the tyrannical actions of a government gone mad with power and to show just how committed they are in defending the publics right to good government... Or a ruling party that hasn't proclaimed them to be nothing more than the grandstanding actions of publicity seeking opposition wasting valuable time, money and effort that could be petter spend...defending the publics right to good government. I would think as a politician you would know that more than most...and you know...were catching on too.

Charles LeBlanc said...

My God??? Did this blog die Blogger General Sir?

Not much action????